About Us

Health and wellness begin with understanding the body and what happens to it. That’s why Infomedly is here to help you gain insight into physical and mental health and provide extra guidance. We accomplish this by researching, writing, and publishing health-related content that’s straightforward and reviewed by experts.

We cover a wide range of topics to help you take control of your own well-being. We present objective facts and thought-provoking editorials on the latest medical news. With this, you can gain better perspectives and make more informed decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Thanks for being here, and we hope that you leave more informed and aware than when you arrived.

Our Goal and Mission

Infomedly aims to become the health and wellness resource that you can trust. Whichever platform our readers choose, from our website to magazine articles, they must be able to access information that’s reliable and accurate. But more than these, our goal is to provide resources that are inclusive and empathetic. We understand that health is a sensitive topic for some and a privilege for many. So we make it our goal to provide information that’s accessible to everyone.

Our other objective is to help facilitate the improvement of public health services. Through us, people will be able to learn about healthcare institutions, healthcare providers, and other related topics. With our content, Canadians will have a better understanding of the care they need and seek help to access them. Through this, we’re able to reconcile the idea of health as both a personal and community matter.

A Team of Dedicated Writers and Editors

Infomedly is composed of resourceful, knowledgeable, and dedicated editors and writers with deep insight into the healthcare industry.

Our diverse writers are the backbone of our company. They do the research, write content, and submit it for fact-checking and editing. To create content that’s accurate and relevant, these writers leverage their experience in the healthcare industry. It’s how they’re able to write copy that’s engaging and easy to digest, especially for people without much knowledge of medical terms.

Infomedly’s editors are equally as insightful and detail-oriented as our writers. Their task is to fact-check the information presented by the writers and ensure that everything is correct. More than that, these professionals make sure that the content is something that readers can understand and make use of. That’s how we’re able to publish content that’s respected and trusted by readers all over the country.

Editorial Practices and Standards

Infomedly is dedicated to creating content that’s accurate and actionable, allowing our readers to access the best healthcare services available in Canada. That’s why we make it a point to publish resources that are fact-checked and reviewed by qualified editors, medical experts, and other related professionals.

Every article we write undergoes a comprehensive and quality review process. We tap into clinicians and healthcare practitioners so they can verify the information and ensure that everything is accurate. We only allow our writers to get information from reliable resources, which we add to our content so readers can verify the information themselves. As new information is published, we’ll update our content to reflect these changes and maintain accuracy.

Creating Content: Our Methods

We remain mindful of who writes our content and how it’s written. So we follow a systematic method that delivers consistent and quality results. It all starts with our writers, who are selected based on their skill set and knowledge in the medical industry. Their insight into particular subject matters allows them to write informative articles with clear ideas and great readability.

Our editors work closely with these writers to revise and finalize the content. They also brainstorm the ideas and topics that the writers will cover for the next publication cycle. Each article will undergo several rounds of editing to ensure that everything is accurate and of high quality.

Let Us Know How We Can Improve

Infomedly strives to publish insightful and helpful content revolving around healthcare and wellness, and there will always be room for improvement. We appreciate your feedback and use your comments to help us create more inclusive and nuanced content. So, if you have any concerns or questions about our articles, process, and team, please contact us via email, phone, or our website.