Tadalafil Cost: Your Guide to Affordable Treatment

How much does tadalafil cost? Click here to learn how much you can expect to pay for the generic version of Cialis to treat erectile dysfunction.


Did you know that the market for erectile dysfunction treatments and drugs is expected to grow to $5.7 billion by 2023? After a slight decline during COVID, many people are starting to seek help for their inability to get or maintain an erection. 

When scouring the internet, you have likely come across Tadalafilor Cialis. Unlike the popular “little blue pill,” your out-of-pocket Tadalafil cost could be lower, and you might see better results. 

We’ve put together a complete guide that breaks down the cost of Tadalafil, how to save money, and if your insurance will cover it. Keep reading on for more information! 

What Is Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis. It is available as a generic and brand-name drug. As a generic drug, Tadalafil will have similar dosages, side effects, and mechanisms of action.

It is a federally approved drug in North America and has been on the market for several years with excellent success in reducing symptoms. Recent studies found that taking 5 mg of Tadalafil daily for six months improved symptoms with fewer side effects and better tolerability than control groups. 

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How Does Tadalafil Work?

Tadalafil is a PDE5 inhibitor, which is an umbrella term for many drugs that block the PDE5 enzyme, such as:

  • Viagra
  • Levitra

PDE5 inhibitors target enzymes that break down cGMP in the blood. The increasing availability of cGMP helps with smooth muscle cell relaxation and vasodilation. 

One of the primary regions this drug affects is the penile arteries and the corpus cavernosum. Improved blood vessel dilation assists with enhanced erection quality and duration. 

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What Types of Tadalafil Are Available?

Tadalafil is available in two versions:

  • As-needed
  • Daily

As-needed Tadalafil functions similarly to Viagra (sildenafil) and Levitra (vardenafil). You should take it within approximately one hour before sexual intimacy for the best results. 

Depending on how you take it and your body’s metabolism, it could start working within 30 minutes to two hours. High-fat meals can slow or eliminate some of Tadalafil’s effectiveness.

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Daily Tadalafil has fewer restrictions with more flexibility on when you take it and remains in your system for up to 36 hours. Remember to stay consistent and take it at the same time daily. Often, the Tadalafil price is lower for daily tablets. 

Over time, the Tadalafil monthly cost adds up more quickly than your as-needed pills. 

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How Much Does Tadalafil Cost in Canada?

Have you tried searching for “Tadalafil for erectile dysfunction price”? You may have found other common medications, such as Viagra, that work similarly. 

As a general rule of thumb, brand-name medications cost significantly more than their generic versions. In this case, Cialis is usually more expensive than Tadalafil. 

How much more? Some experts estimate that cost savings are between 80 and 85% swapping to generic. 

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Generic drugs are more affordable since they require less time and money to manufacture. They are not developing it from scratch, eliminating years of costly research and government approval. 

The amount and dosage will change the final price, but opting for an online pharmacy ensures you get the best rates, ultimate privacy, and avoid lengthy travel. 

Does Insurance Pay for Tadalafil in Canada?

The question “does insurance pay for Tadalafil?” often arises, and unfortunately, the answer is convoluted. The final Tadalafil for erectile dysfunction cost is dependent on:

  • Pharmacy
  • Dosage
  • Amount
  • As needed versus long term
  • Medical comorbidities

In most instances, insurance won’t cover Tadalafil. Sex-related issues fall under a gray area of whether or not treatments are medically necessary. 

How To Reduce Tadalafil Cost per Month

There are two methods to save money on Tadalafil:

  1. Shop generic
  2. Check online pharmacies

You have already been informed about how generic prescriptions save you money. If a pharmacy only offers brand-name medications, you are better off shopping around. 

This brings us to the second point – the cost of medications is often cheaper when you buy in bulk online. You save money on frequent refills and trips to local pharmacies. 

Are There Cheaper Alternatives?

Are there cheaper alternatives when you order meds in Canada? Your two most popular options with generic versions are Viagra and Levitra. 

Levitra is typically more expensive than its two competitors. Viagra is arguably your next cheapest option and more comparable to Tadalafil.  

It also depends on the type of symptoms you have. All three medications help with underlying physical causes and may not be suitable for psychological issues affecting getting or maintaining an erection. Your doctor is the best reference to decide which Ed medication best fits your physical health.

Finding an Affordable Tadalafil Cost

Have you wondered about your next prescription Tadalafil cost? If you have symptoms, including difficulties getting an erection, you may need medications that help vasodilate blood vessels. 

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