Tribulus Benefits for Men

Is Tribulus right for you? Read here for the hottest Tribulus benefits for men to decide if it's right for you.

Tribulus benefits for males

Do you feel like your love life has somehow lost its spark or that it isn’t what it once was? Are you longing for the good old days when you had long, strong, and frequent erections?

You aren’t alone. In fact, nearly half of Canadian men over 40 have experienced erectile dysfunction at some point in their life.

If you’re tired of trying medication after medication with no results and you’re ready for a big boost in your libido, sexual performance, and confidence, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn about some very exciting Tribulus benefits for males, and decide if this natural supplement is right for you!

Have You Heard of Tribulus Terrestris?

Maybe you did, and you didn’t know it! In the world of holistic and traditional medicine, Tribulus is known by a few different names, like Gokshur, Gokhara, goat’s head, and puncture vine.

Its fruit, small yellow flowers, leaves, and even roots are associated with a wide variety of health benefits, and it’s been found in use all over the world, being cultivated in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

In most traditional applications, the Tribulus plant is consumed raw or brewed into tea. Then, it is used to treat everything from high blood pressure and urinary infections to chronic pain and even erectile dysfunction.

For more mainstream consumers, this natural supplement is sold in a pill or capsule form.

And, while it may be new to you, Tribulus is already well-known globally, making appearances in TCM or traditional Chinese medicine as well as Ayurvedic practice. And it’s found in a number of men’s health supplements intended to boost sexual and athletic performance.

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What Sexual Benefits Are Associated With Tribulus?

According to some studies, Tribulus terrestris can help to boost male sexual health, increase libido or sex drive, and even improve performance. This includes notable changes in desire, sexual function with longer and stronger erections, heightened satisfaction, and more frequent orgasms.

This, in turn, boosts male confidence and helps combat the negative feelings and stressors that can sometimes deter a strong erection.

In some cases, there is also evidence that Tribulus can boost desire, arousal, orgasm strength and frequency, and overall sexual satisfaction in premenopausal women.

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Other Tribulus Benefits for Males

While Tribulus terrestris is most commonly used to improve sexual health, its big benefits don’t stop there.

For example, it is believed to have a mild androgenic effect. This means that it can help to stimulate testosterone production, which tends to drop in male athletes.

So, supplementing with this natural remedy may help to prevent a lull in performance while you’re trying to get fit. The improved athletic performance will also help keep sexual encounters going for longer, adding a second layer of benefits in the bedroom.

Other ongoing scientific studies are looking into whether Tribulus can help lower blood pressure and treat some chronic conditions like poor circulation, high blood sugar, and kidney stones. But it could be a long time before we learn all the powerful benefits this natural remedy offers.

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Taking Tribulus Terrestris

At this time, there is no standard dose for this herbal supplement and no known level at which it becomes toxic to humans. So, you’ll want to start off by taking a small amount. Then, you can work your way up later.

In most cases, capsules contain between 250 and 750 milligrams. Follow the instructions on your chosen supplement’s packaging, and do not take more than the recommended dosage.

It is also essential to check your product’s label for any additional active ingredients, as Tribulus is often combined with other athletic supplements that might have strong and unwanted effects.

Lastly, your supplement’s label should contain third-party testing information. This verifies that the capsules are authentic and don’t contain any harmful additives or ingredients that could cause you to fail a test for athletic doping or other drugs.

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Is Tribulus Terrestris Right for You?

First of all, you should be sure that you’re healthy enough to have sex before taking Tribulus. And, you should keep an eye out for mild, though potentially bothersome, side effects like skin rash, trouble sleeping, and an upset stomach.

You should also remember that taking far more Tribulus terrestris than intended may cause damage to the liver, kidneys, or heart.

This supplement is intended for otherwise healthy men, and should never be taken by children or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Older adults or anyone living with a liver, kidney, or heart condition should talk to their doctor before taking Tribulus.

That said, Tribulus is associated with far fewer side effects than traditional prescription medications for ED like viagra. And it doesn’t come with the same overdose risks, either.

Can Tribulus Terrestris Supplements Help With Sexual Problems?

The simple answer is – maybe. Some studies show that Tribulus benefits for males include increased athletic performance, enhanced sex drive, and an improvement in ED symptoms.

Be sure to follow your chosen supplement’s recommended dosage, and talk to your doctor before taking Tribulus if you have any health concerns.

You should always store Tribulus and other medications well out of the reach of kids, pets, and anyone else who doesn’t intend to take it.

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